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Floods in Germany – Here you can get quick help

It is a natural disaster the likes of which has not occurred in the summer for 200 years. Numerous municipalities and cities in the west have been inundated by torrential rain. In many places, the communication of the administration collapsed due to floods.

Therefore, those affected should also keep an eye on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, where the municipalities try to keep their citizens up to date and to communicate with them.

Important: In an emergency, do not hesitate to call 112 (fire brigade) or 110 (police) if you need help immediately!

Here are the important phone numbers and contact points in the flood areas in the west that you need to know:

▶︎ Aachen

From now on, the Kornelimünster district office, Schulberg 20, is the point of contact for local residents who have questions or are in an emergency situation. The aid organizations will leave the Inda-Gymnasium.

The contact point is by phone under the phone numbers 0241-432 8422 and -8424 reachable.

In the meantime, the Inda-Gymnasium has been prepared as emergency accommodation. After providing first aid there, the city of Aachen has initially accommodated a total of 35 people in three hotels.

Apart from acute emergency calls, citizens can also contact the Corona hotline due to the flood situation: 0241-510051. The hotline is manned until 10 p.m.

▶ ︎ Ahrweiler district

In the badly affected district of Ahrweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate), a hotline for care centers and missing persons has been set up by the district. Citizens can register under the 02641-9750 contact the administration. At least 70 people are missing in the district, six residential buildings in the village of Schuld were destroyed by the floods.

The police have also set up a telephone number under which relatives of missing persons can report: 0800-656 56 51.

In addition, the Koblenz Police Headquarters asks citizens to help by transmitting video sequences and photos that can provide information about missing people and dead people. You can upload the video files and photos here:

▶︎ District of Euskirchen

The Euskirchen district announced on Facebook on Thursday that communication in the district had largely failed. 112 is also not available. Work is being done to set up central contact points in all localities in the district. Those looking for help should try it later there or at 110.

▶︎ Hagen

The city of Hagen has set up a citizen hotline that citizens can contact: 02331-207 50 00.

Anyone who became homeless as a result of the flooding can turn to the emergency accommodation in the Krollmann Arena in Ischeland. The city asks for it, too Police Twitter channel To pursue Hagen.

▶ ︎ Hückeswagen

Residents near the Wupper in Hückeswagen (North Rhine-Westphalia) have been evacuated since Wednesday. Citizens who have no alternative for accommodation should go to the multi-purpose hall, Zum Sportzentrum 5. There are opportunities to stay there.

People who cannot go to their accommodation on their own should contact the hotline 02192-88753 turn. In an emergency, call 112 directly.

▶ ︎ Solingen in the Bergisches Land

Due to the flooding, the municipal telephone system in Solingen (North Rhine-Westphalia) failed. All phone numbers that begin with 290- can therefore not be reached. The city of Solingen has activated the citizen hotline for questions about the current flood situation. It can currently be reached via the joint Solingen / Wuppertal fire brigade control center with the Wuppertal area code: 0202-563 2000 and 0202-5630.

▶︎ Wuppertal

The city has activated a citizen phone for people affected by the current situation, Tel. 0202-563 2000.

The sports halls Nevigeser Straße 150 and Heckinghauser Straße 24 are now available as emergency accommodation. Citizens should only set out if they live in the endangered areas and have no way of getting from the basement or ground floor apartment to a higher floor. Otherwise, emphasizes the city, it is currently safest to stay at home and go to a higher floor!

Emergency numbers are not already set up in all flood areas. There is no central contact point in the federal states or at the federal level, the municipalities are responsible. However, information is available from many municipalities on Twitter and Facebook. If your location is not on this list, use the social channels to find out about the current situation and contact points.

In an acute emergency, you should definitely use the emergency numbers of the fire brigade (112) and police (110).

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