Flooding threatens: Venice activates “Mose”

Flooding threatens
Venice activates “Moses”

The authorities in Venice are expecting sea levels to rise again. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro wrote on Twitter that floods of 130 centimeters above normal are predicted for Monday morning. The gates of the flood protection system “Mose” are to be activated, he announced.

The flood protection gates were built at three entrances to the port of the famous lagoon city in Italy in a controversial and multi-billion dollar construction project in the sea. Almost 80 yellow barriers can be extended when the sea level rises and hold back the tides. Otherwise the old town of Venice and the tourist hotspot St. Mark’s Square would be under water.

Moses has been on duty for a few months. However, earlier this month storm surges had put Venice under water again. At that time “Mose” – short for “Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico” – was not activated because the forecast for the sea level had changed at short notice and, according to the authorities, there was no longer enough time to start the flood protection system. It takes about 48 hours to turn on “Moses”.

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