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FLOODING LAY WUPPERTAL LAHM – Flood floods Bevertalsperre

Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia) – Heavy rain caused the Wupper to rise sharply. According to the city, the water level reached a high of 3.40 meters during the night. In Wuppertal, bus and train services have been discontinued.

As a police spokesman announced early Thursday morning, some roads on the valley axis along the Wupper have been closed. Residents were asked not to stay in the basement, but to move to higher-lying apartments.

In Hückeswagen in the Bergisches Land around 1500 people have to leave their homes. “During the evacuation measures, a lot has to be done with the boat because the roads are no longer passable,” said a police spokesman. The district of Kleineichen below is particularly affected Bevertalsperre.

In the area around the dam, there is widespread flooding, but the situation seems to be easing: “The dam that threatened to break is safe so far,” said the police spokesman. According to the police spokesman, around 1000 workers were deployed in the Oberberg district that night. Two DLRG helpers were injured during the rescue measures.

In the afternoon, the Oberbergische Kreis announced that the Bevertalsperre would be drained in a controlled manner. The dam below the Beverteich is being checked for stability with a drone squadron.

Also at the Wuppertalsperre the water will continue to be drained. An uncontrolled overflow was feared there. However, the fire brigade managed to let the water run off in a controlled manner. For security reasons, the residents of the Wupper were in Radevormwald have been asked to leave their homes since late Wednesday evening.

The fire department Wuppertal asked on Twitter to restrict drinking water consumption as a precaution. The water supply is also affected by a power failure. At the current time, however, the supply is guaranteed, but the fire brigade cannot judge how long this will be the case and how long the power failure will continue.

The judiciary had to stop the jurisprudence: The justice center is located on an island in the middle of the Wupper flood.

The city does not expect the water level in the Wupper to drop before Thursday afternoon. “The water level in the Wupper is still extremely high,” wrote the city on Twitter. Before that, the water masses could not be pumped out either. “Because where should we go with the pumped water if there is no space to drain it off? Then we pump the water straight into the next cellar. So unfortunately we have to wait a little longer. “

Many facilities are currently inaccessible, wrote the city. Anyone who has appointments in the city should postpone them.

The Railway line Cologne – Wuppertal – Hagen – Dortmund is currently not passable. The railway called for trips to and from North Rhine-Westphalia to be postponed if possible. Due to line closures, numerous S-Bahn and regional lines do not run or only to a limited extent, as Deutsche Bahn announced on Thursday. The main train station in Hagen was closed due to a water ingress.

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