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Flood victims accuse – “There is no one to help us”

Thursday BILD reported large on Germany’s forgotten flood victims in the Ahr valley (Rhineland-Palatinate).

At the BILD readers’ get-together in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, around 50 guests poured out their hearts: The help from the authorities is too slow and too bureaucratic. E-mails to authorities are not answered. Apart from a small amount of emergency aid, victims do not get any money. Still no electricity and gas. How can that be?

Another incredible example: although many people have lost everything, they also have to pay for the removal of building rubble and bulky waste themselves.

And garbage covered with mud must still be separated, according to the regulation. BILD will continue to put its finger in the wound to be there for the people in the flood area. So that something finally changes …

“The flood took everything from us”

When the masses of water came, Peter Siggemann (70) lost his home and his inn due to guilt (Rhineland-Palatinate).

The property damage: around half a million euros! “I have no elementary insurance, the insurance pays nothing,” he tells BILD. He feels left alone by the authorities. “The flood took everything from us. There is no one to help us. ”So far, he has received 5,000 euros in immediate aid.

Helpers have found him a small house to rent – yesterday he picked up a bedroom for it, which he got cheaply on Ebay.

“The authorities forbid us to help”

Ahrweiler – Natalie Reucher (51) and Bianca Ferber (41) actually work as nurses in the hospital in Ahrweiler. Since the flood destroyed the clinic, they have been helping on a voluntary basis, running a food and clothing distribution point on the market square, which is financed by donations. But they should stop now!

Natalie Reucher: “The authorities told us that people should learn to look after themselves again. They would come to us out of sheer convenience. Most of them can’t even cook here. The kitchens are destroyed. “

Orhan has to work ten years longer

Sinzig – Three years ago BILD accompanied Orhan Er (49), wife Niegün (43) and son Ismail (18) from Sinzig (RLP) for a large family series.

Back then, the Ers were extremely proud of their new car workshop. But the flood of death destroyed everything. Entrepreneur He is not insured. The auto expert: “The flood throws me back ten years, which I now have to work longer.” Of the 50,000 euros loan from the house bank, just 10,000 euros are left, the rest was only used for current bills.

He: “I still want to reopen as soon as possible.”

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