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Flood Street near Erftstadt – They fear death in these cars

The street was flooded meters high and the dirty water swallowed dozens of cars. Your inmates may not have had a chance to escape.

Erftstadt (North Rhine-Westphalia) – On the federal highway 265 near Erftstadt in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Bundeswehr has started to rescue the vehicles trapped by the floods with armored vehicles.

Numerous vehicles had been flooded. A spokeswoman for the Rhein-Erft district said on Friday that it was unclear whether all inmates had made it out of their cars in time when they were surprised by the masses of water.

The district of Blessem in Erftstadt, which was particularly hard hit by the storm, will be secured by a hundred police, the city said. At least three houses and part of the historic castle collapsed in Blessem.

The situation is still tense, said a spokesman for the circle. So far, there have been no confirmed fatalities there. Since the work of the rescue workers in the Blessem area is still in full swing, it cannot be ruled out that the dead may still be found.

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