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Flood in Euskirchen – Steinbachtalsperre: Dike breach threatens

Euskirchen (NRW) – Danger in Euskirchen: The dam of the Steinbach dam is about to break!

The Autobahn 61 between Bliesheim and Meckenheim has been fully closed since Thursday, the police said. The A61 had previously been closed because the motorway had been flooded by water. Traffic will be diverted to the A565.

Several villages were evacuated near the dam.

According to “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” the district of Euskirchen calls on people to avoid basements and move to higher floors.

The Technical Relief Organization (THW) and the police are on site to observe the dam.

All storm information on the flood situation in Germany here in the live ticker.

According to the authorities’ initial findings, several people have died in the Euskirchen district. “We are currently aware of eight deaths,” said the circle’s Facebook page on Thursday.

The situation is very critical in several places. “There are rescues taking place,” it said. Sometimes there is no access to the places.

In the district area, the communication has largely failed. The fire brigade emergency number 112 and the district administration cannot be reached either. Because of the connection problems, the district can currently only provide irregular information.

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