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Flea market bargain – old Ikea armchair brings in 15,000 euros

In the 1980s a lady in Stockholm got a bargain at a flea market. For around 7.50 euros she got hold of an armchair that was already a few years old at the time: an Ikea Cavelli. The piece of furniture came from the Ikea catalog from 1959. Now it brought her 151,000 crowns, or 15,055 euros, at an auction in Sundsvall (Sweden)!

The armchair has an unusual shape. The Ikea copywriters wrote in the catalog from 1959: “Why not experience the design from 1965 in the 1950s?” At that time it cost 268 kroner. Today that corresponds to a value of 3500 kroner (350 euros). The Swedish designer Bertil Ruda designed the armchair, he was one of the first designers to work for Ikea.

The owner had lived with the eye-catching piece of furniture since the 1980s, then she Google a bit and found out that a Cavelli armchair had been auctioned in Switzerland for around 6,000 euros. Without further ado, she passed it on to an auction house.

Auctioneer Anders Melin: “The owner will be happy, she hadn’t expected such a high sum. I can tell you that a furniture collector in Småland bought the armchair. It won over several international bidders who also wanted the armchair. “

This information is not uninteresting, as Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad came from Småland and Ikea was founded there. Everything started here. It is logical that there are enthusiastic Ikea fans in this area who collect old finds. There is also an Ikea museum there. However, it is not known whether this museum bought the furniture at auction. By the way: Småland means “small country”, which is why the children’s areas in Ikea are named after the home of the Ikea founder.

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