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Five technicians and 44 titles in unemployment

LOS ANGELES – El León resigned from another Bicampeonato, when Nacho Ambriz resigned from the negotiating table to renew his contract. The tournament will end, but the damage is done.

And suddenly, in the cruel deck of unemployment, five of the most winning coaches in Mexican soccer appear or will appear.

1.- Miguel Herrera it was already there. Last December he thought that he would soon return to the sadomasochistic trench, but he has not been.

2.- Ricardo Ferretti He has already been notified that his contract will not be extended at Tigres. Also, in December, he was assured that the agreement would be renewed.

3.- Victor Manuel Vucetich He will leave Chivas unless he gets him to the Final and makes him champion. Otherwise, you’ll be free with the ultimate tamarind vodka toast in your locker room.

4.- Nacho Ambriz broke negotiations on Monday with the Lion. “We could not reach an agreement,” explained Jesús Martínez, the emerald executor of the Pachuca Group.

5.- Antonio Mohamed closed 2019 in a remarkable way. Champion and a vibrant Monterrey against Liverpool in the Club World Cup. In 2020, the hecatomb, and then to the freezing unemployment.

Between League, Cup, Champion of Champions, Mexican National Team, and related titles, among these five coaches, they have achieved 44 trophies. With an obvious advantage on the part of the Tuca (17) and the former ‘King Midas’ (14), while ‘El Turco’ (6), ‘The lice’ (4) and Ambriz (3) make merits to rub shoulders with them in this ingratitude of eventual unemployment.

Miguel Herrera recomposed the idea of ​​the already decrepit Lavolpismo, with spectacular campaigns with Monterrey and Atlante; modifying his style he imposed authority with Xolos, and his best moment has been in two stages with América. In addition, he left a mark on El Tri.

On the other hand, Nacho Ambriz, beyond the Copa Mx with Necaxa and the Concachampions with America, displayed with the León a generous, spectacular, pleasant and winning style of play, to the extent of reaching the magic figure of 40 points in two tournaments .

As easy as it is tempting and irresponsible, it would be to play the speculation roulette for 2021. From the outset, Tigres, León and Chivas will need a coach, when they turn off the light, possibly in the very Repechage of this Guard1anes 2021 Tournament .

However, it is tempting for teams to turn to coaches with proven success in a football as atypical as the Mexican, almost surreal.

Will there be immediate activity at Apertura 2021 for some of these five technicians? Will those 44 titles eventually be used to reincorporate them to the activity?

1.- The Tigers they have their candidates scheduled. Mauricio Culebro has put Miguel Herrera in charge, but the guys in charge of the Cemex Group prefer Nacho Ambriz. The first is calm thunder, and the second is low-key. Vucetich and Mohamed would be banned, for their successes with Rayados.

2.- Leon you will need to be careful to choose as well. The style of play imposed by Nacho Ambriz is a colossal challenge for anyone who dares to aspire to that position. Of those listed, there is only one with the profile to do so: Miguel Herrera. But, it is not to the liking of Jesús Martínez Patiño.

3.- Chivas it has become a comical carousel of coaches and sports directors. Vucetich has not found the square to the circle. Each alignment is a Rubik’s Cube essay. He has been linked to Mohamed, with whom Ricardo Peláez has already made peace, who does not rule out ‘El Piojo’, despite his disdain for Guadalajara. On the other hand, he has already been in charge of Ambriz in America.

4.- And Tuca Ferretti? In times of financial crisis, few clubs would have the funds for their salary and the barrage of reinforcements it demands. Furthermore, at 67 years of age, the adventure of a new move will surely seduce him very little. If the relations between Chucho Ramírez and Andrés Lillini end up exploding in Pumas, an offer could reach the Brazilian, however.

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On the other hand, the irreconcilable situation of Ambriz with the León, apparently for demanding that he be paid almost double what he earns today, will have a devastating effect on the León, which suffers from the absence of its compact piston, Fernando Navarro, in addition of the instability that will generate the knowledge that the coach in charge is here, but has already left.

And in Chivas, there is a measure of anxious and anguished waiting, after that unfortunate press conference in which Ricardo Peláez almost publicly asked Víctor Manuel Vucetich to resign, without expecting compensation. “I am not going to wait for a settlement. (…) The day I have to go, I’m going and I’m not going to charge a penny ”, he declared, while he looked at his coach.

Seen like this in a matter of days, five wild cards will be available for just three players at the table.

All the technicians with a winning record and a weight of hierarchy at the time, accumulating 44 trophies among all, in different competitions.

All different, dissymbols, for clubs with identical claims, but different and dissimilar possibilities.

The game of chairs starts, let the music begin …

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