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Five-digit sum ripped off – police are chasing this trickster

The woman in the shiny coat has her dark hair tied back accurately, the surgical mask pulled over her mouth and nose according to regulations as she strolls through a gas station in Nordhausen (Thuringia) and is filmed by a surveillance camera. Otherwise the woman apparently does not obey the law. She is wanted as a grandchild cheater!

According to the police, she is suspected of having picked up a five-digit amount in cash as a messenger on March 2nd from a pensioner (83). The elderly woman had previously received a call in which a stranger pretended to be the grandson’s wife and asked for money to buy a house.

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The elderly woman withdrew cash from the bank. According to the investigation, the person wanted drove from the gas station in a taxi to the pensioner’s home and had the money given. And disappeared.

Another grandchildren trick scam! Again a traumatized victim is left behind. And it is not an isolated incident!

► Last Monday the phone rang at an Essener (76). At the other end of the line – allegedly – his partner, as well as alleged police officers and a public prosecutor.

The partner had a serious accident and was in custody, it said. She could only be released by paying a large amount of cash. According to the police, the Essen resident had a high five-digit amount paid out at a bank and handed the money over to a stranger on a parking lane.

A little later, the Essen native received another call: more money was needed due to an alleged miscalculation. The Essen resident again had a five-digit sum paid out. His luck: When the telephone connection broke, the Essener dialed the police emergency number – and the fraud was exposed.

Banks often pay out large amounts of cash without hesitation

Why weren’t the bank employees puzzled? Why was the victim of the fraud two high sums paid out in quick succession? Not clear!

► In Weilburg (Hesse), too, a pensioner (80) rushed to the bank after an alleged shock phone call and had more than 100,000 euros paid out. The transfer of the money was prevented only because an attentive relative informed the police.

► In Hesse alone there were 2601 cases and 774 attempts of grandchild trick fraud last year, according to the LKA. Accordingly, 8.5 million euros were looted. Only half of the crimes (57 percent) were solved.

CDU deputy parliamentary group leader and interior expert Thorsten Frei calls for more attention in the banks. Regarding BILD am SONNTAG, he says: “We have to ensure that senior citizens are better protected from fraudsters with grandchildren. Banks in particular should increase their protection here: especially if an older customer suddenly withdraws a large amount of cash at the counter against the habit, the banks should in future take a closer look to see whether fraudsters are lurking in the background for the money. ”

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