Five dead in an accident near Villalonga

Patagones and Villalonga shook on the afternoon of this Wednesday due to a strong frontal collision between two vehicles on National Route 3 with five deaths, as confirmed to Black river sources from the Security area of ​​the Maragata municipality.

The fatal accident involved the occupants of a Peugeot 208 from Jujuy and he was heading south, already a Jeep Renegade driving north, presumably bound for Bahía Blanca.

In the wake of the collision three occupants of the Peugeot died, which was driven by a 27-year-old nurse, accompanied by her husband and a six-month-old baby. The Buenos Aires authorities contacted their peers in Jujuy to try to locate relatives.

The only survivor in the other car was a 32-year-old who is hospitalized in a reserved state at the Pedro Ecay de Patagones hospital. Also, Buenos Aires police, members of the fire brigade and health personnel verified that the parents died on the spot of the young man, both in their 60s. They would be from Río Gallegos.

All three occupants of the Peugeot died. (Photo:

The accident It was registered around 5:00 pm in front of the wind farm located between Villalonga and Stroeder, about 110 kilometers from Patagones. Firefighters worked at the site and tried to rescue the bodies of the victims for two hours.

The Police experts try to verify what could have caused the accident. Due to the fact that the crash was frontal, the first speculations realize that it could have been a product of fatigue or there could be some extra factor such as the prevailing wind.

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