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Fisherman who collided with boat in vaquita marina habitat dies


In Facebook groups of the community of San Felipe, Baja California, the death of Mario García Toledo, 55 years old, a fisherman known as “Güero Coyote”, who was traveling in the smaller boat (panga), was announced. that collided with the Sea Shepherd ship on the morning of December 31, 2020 in waters of the Upper Gulf of California.

Someday we will see my wero coyote again, rest in peace, “wrote a user named José Gilberto González Soto, who accompanied the message with photographs and videos of the deceased today.

What a bad wave, let’s hope his death is not in vain damn Sea Shepherd, “wrote another member of the group who lives in the fishing community.

The “Güero Coyote”, originally from Sonora, was well known in San Felipe, because he sold his fresh products from the sea on the shore of the beach.

After the collision with the ship Farley Mowat, the Sea Shepherd crew and the Navy, who rescued the two fishermen who fell into the sea, had to give first aid and supply oxygen to one of the injured because he left to breathe.

Later, the two fishermen were taken to the dock, where an ambulance took them to the San Felipe Naval Sector, to later be transferred by helicopter to the General Hospital of Mexicali.

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