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Fireman Oliver († 46) – The flood hero of Altena

Altena – He wanted to save a life – then the flood tore fireman Oliver (46) from Altena (North Rhine-Westphalia) to his death.


In a televised address, NRW Prime Minister and Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet said: “I’m thinking of Oliver (…), 46 years old, a firefighter in Altena. (…) I spoke to his wife today. She told me that her husband wanted to instill values ​​in young people. He wanted to be a role model. He is even more. He is a hero. He is representative of the thousands who do their job every day and risk life and limb. “

BILD learned: He was an insurance broker, worked in his free time for the volunteer fire department. A former fire brigade colleague to BILD: “He was always committed, stood up for other people.” The general agency of his insurance company also mourned its colleague on Facebook.

Everyone is still stunned by the dramatic death scenes.

On Wednesday, Oliver went out with a fire department colleague, should rescue a man from a car. He was torn away by the masses of water, together with an Opel Corsa. Oliver got stuck under the car and drowned.

Student Bartek Zarebski (15) observed the dramatic scenes and tried to help. He says to BILD: “I was terrified, but I knew that I had to help. First I pulled his colleague out of the water. But I couldn’t help him anymore, the current was just too strong. “

And further: “At some point a man came with a tractor and pulled the red Opel Corsa away. But by then it was already too late. “

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