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fire that has damaged servers

We talk about WebNX, which suffered a very strange failure that led to the generation of a fire. It all started at the end of last week, when the WebNX data center located in Ogden (Utah), was left without power after there was a widespread blackout in the area. In order to continue operating, the standby generators were started to generate electricity while the general supply returned.

Fire in a WebNX generator

However, that was where the real problems began, since that generator caught fire and forced to activate the emergency protocol to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the facilities. That generator had recently been serviced along with the others that the company uses, and everything had worked perfectly, being properly prepared for a failure of this type.

ogsen utah webnx data center

Because of this, the firefighters had to go, and multiple servers were seen covered in water, so there may be damage to the data they have inside. Luckily, the servers were down, and the fire did not reach them, so although the servers may be damaged, it is very possible that the hard drives themselves have not lost information.

Another company that also hosts its servers on the same site, called Gorilla Servers, has also suffered damage, although they claim that between the 90 and 95% of the hardware is undamaged. Firefighters preferred to cut off access to the power of all neighboring buildings to avoid damage, despite the fact that the power systems were independent.

Unaffected servers are already online

Many users of the company have complained about the lack of communication from the company, which has been slow to officially report what happened, in addition to not responding to tickets or calls. The company usually compensates with a free day of service for every 15 minutes of fall that they may suffer.

In its latest statement, published on April 7 at 10:00 p.m. Spanish time, the company affirms that all servers that have not been directly affected by the event they are already online. If you are not online now, then you will not be online for several weeks while they check one by one for possible damages. However, they believe that most data is recoverable.

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