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Fire of an ICU treating coronavirus patients in Iraq left at least 82 dead

A raging fire affected an intensive care unit (ICU) for COVID-19 patients in Baghdad, Iraq, leaving at least 82 dead, according to the most recent report from the local Interior Ministry, information provided by El País.

What’s more, a hundred people – the government speaks of 110 – were injured. The event, on the night from Saturday to Sunday, occurred by the explosion of oxygen tanks from Ibn al Khatib Hospital, located on the southeastern outskirts of the Iraqi capital.

The Department of Civil Defense communicated at first, it rescued “90 of the 120 patients and relatives” that were in the center. The Iraqi journalist Mustafa Saadoon raised the number of deaths to 41 on his Twitter at that time. The fire was brought under control early Sunday.

About thirty patients were in the ICU, which Ibn al Khatib had reserved for the most serious cases of COVID-19, according to personnel from the center quoted by the agency France Presse.

The wounded and those who emerged unscathed were taken by ambulance to nearby hospitals. The same sources attributed the fire to the oxygen tanks were “stored without respecting security conditions.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al Kadhimi, He asked for there will be an immediate investigation into the causes of what has been called a “serious accident”. He was also quick to dismiss rumors that attributed it to a power outage, one of the recurring problems of precarious infrastructure in what is the world’s third-largest oil exporter.

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