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Fire, firecrackers, violence – night of riot shook Rotterdam

Rotterdam – Thousands of angry people are raging in downtown Rotterdam.

Events roll over one another on site. A police helicopter circled over the center, observing the situation from the air.

The reason for the protests was a demonstration against the strict Corona measures in the Netherlands. There had been skirmishes over and over again in the past few days. But now the situation threatens to escalate!

Right at the beginning of the demonstration, Polish firecrackers and Bengali fires flew. Then the chaots set fire to several electric scooters and accelerated the fire with petrol they had brought with them. Clouds of black smoke billow over the city, only illuminated by the glow of the burning Bengalos.

The situation is dramatic, the police outnumbered and completely overwhelmed. When the first forces arrived, stones and bicycles flew. Several of the “demonstrators” surrounded officials and beat them to the ground. In view of the hopeless situation, the police withdrew.

While the police are still gathering, the angry mob is setting garbage cans and cars on fire. Blind destructiveness is rampant, people use street signs to beat police cars that have been abandoned.

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