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Fiona taught us that being a princess doesn’t mean you’re the "Damsel in danger"

Movies and fairy tales have always taught us stories of princesses who dream of living “happily ever after” alongside their prince charming. Over the years, we have come across characters who break the mold of the “damsel in distress” and who leave us valuable lessons.

When it comes to “empowering a female character,” it’s hard not to think of at least one Disney princess who has fought valiantly to achieve her dreams.

However, there is a princess who is not from Disney but who has also been part of our culture for teaching us that women can be “princesses” and not wait for a prince charming or anyone to rescue us.

Shrek from Dreamworks gave us the amazing Princess Fiona, a woman who can definitely stand up for herself. The creators of the story wanted to have a new kind of fairy tale, and with it came the beautiful princess who turns into an ogre.

“At night one way, during the day another. This will be the norm until you find the first kiss of true love and then take the true form of love, ”says the spell that Fiona is under.

Fiona taught us how to be assertive. She is not afraid of getting what she wants and manages to be heard and taken seriously. Although at first she is convinced that she must act in a certain way to meet the expectations of being a delicate princess, she soon learns to show what she really thinks and feels, breaking all the barriers that have always been imposed on her.

Don’t wait for Prince Charming to reassert your worth, love yourself first.

One of the most important ways that Fiona differs from the Disney girls is that she is plus size. Actually she learned to love her ogre form and to stop being carried away by appearances. True love begins with yourself and when you begin to see yourself as the most beautiful, you will project a great force abroad.

For decades, beauty has followed only one form, pasking us to have insecurities If we don’t see ourselves as everyone expects, but Fiona taught us to break with this.

In life, we are going to find love in many different, beautiful, wonderful, and unexpected places and ways. Love waits for us everywhere but to create the lives we want and heal From those times we have been hurt, we have to learn to use the power that is within ourselves. We are the ones who rescued ourselves.

No one is your savior except you.

Go for what challenges you and face it firmly. Go further and pursue those dreams that were always told you were impossible. Waiting for someone else to do things for you and save you is exhausting and will only fill you with frustration.

Always surround yourself with those who join you but do not wait for them to save you. Do not let other people carry your loads, neither your partner, nor your family nor your friends can. You have to carry the weight of your own life and that is fine because it is the only way you can take the path that best suits you. This is how you find true happiness. This is how you learn to believe in yourself.

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