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Fines in the City of Buenos Aires increased by 82.5% and the penalty for speeding reaches $ 156,200

69% of the fines that were made last year in the City of Buenos Aires were due to speeding (Télam)
69% of the fines that were made last year in the City of Buenos Aires were due to speeding (Télam)

The first business day of the new year comes with an increase: traffic fines in the City of Buenos Aires are 82.5% more expensive. The Buenos Aires government updated the value of the measurement system that is taken as a reference to calculate the penalties for drivers: it had been announced the last week of last year. The fixed unit (UF), the equivalent of the cost of half a liter of the highest octane gasoline at the headquarters of the Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA), went from $ 21.40 to $ 39.05.

The Undersecretary of Justice of the City verified that the value of a liter of fuel now costs $ 78.10, so it established the new UF standard at half its price and scheduled its application for the first business day of the year. The 82.5% increase is due to a delayed update. The mechanism of renewal of the values ​​of the fines was created so that the costs of the sanctions are not outdated by the advance of inflation. The update is quarterly but it had been suspended in August 2019 due to the economic crisis and in February and August of last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. These factors explain the steep rise in the UF.

This is how article 20 of law 451 of the offense regime provides. It also says that “the Fixed Unit will become legal tender at the moment the offender makes the voluntary payment or the payment of the total fine imposed by a final resolution issued in the administrative headquarters or judicial headquarters.” The measure not only includes traffic regulations but also governs lucrative commercial activity, consumer rights, food sciences, pathological waste, safety and accident prevention, construction, advertising bans.

The new value of the fixed unit began to take effect on the first business day of the year: growth was 82.5%
The new value of the fixed unit began to take effect on the first business day of the year: growth was 82.5%

The modification, according to Buenos Aires sources Telam, “Will impact the entire universe of infractions committed in the City and even those that have not been canceled by its debtors.” So that Bad parking, one of the most common traffic offenses, will no longer be punished with $ 2,140 and the penalty will cost $ 3905 equivalent to 100 UF.

The cost of 100 UF is the one that is repeated the most in the Absence Regime of the City of Buenos Aires: it also applies to those who use the seat belt, do not respect the pedestrian priority or the indications of the person authorized to direct the traffic , violate the prohibition of entering the Microcenter, do not have the certificate of the Vehicle Technical Verification, manipulate cell phones or use video reproducing equipment, among other reasons for punishment. At the beginning of the century, the value of these infractions was 150 UF: since January 29, 2010, some of these indicators were reduced by 50 percent. Others grew.

There are lighter penalties. They are punished with 50 UF -that is $ 1,952.50- who make improper use of their horn, are responsible for a motor vehicle that is not equipped with a device designed to control the emission of toxic gases, circulate without the fuel tank cap , without rear view mirrors or with tinted windows that do not allow to distinguish its occupants, who does not respect the priority of passage in a turning or circulates in reverse without justification, does not carry a driver’s license, among other minor or not so widespread sanctions.

Bad parking will cost $ 3,905 but obstructing a handicap ramp will cost $ 11,715
Bad parking will cost $ 3,905 but obstructing a handicap ramp will cost $ 11,715

And there are more severe fines. The regime specifies that the sanction for those who obstruct stops for the transport of passengers, exclusive lanes for buses or Metrobus, do not comply with the recording of auto parts or try to sneak into the AUSA toll roads, is worth $ 5,857.50, the equivalent of 150 UF. On the other hand, blocking the disabled ramps or refusing a breathalyzer test is worth twice the penalty: $ 11,715 or 300 UF.

Covering the patent deserves a fine of 1000 UF: $ 39,050. Violating a red light goes from $ 11,715 to $ 58,575, passing a low barrier, from $ 15,620 to $ 78,100, exceeding the maximum speed allowed by up to 20 km / h on streets or avenues or by up to 40 km / h on expressways is plausible of $ 5,857, 50, above those limits $ 9,762.50 and excess speed exceeding 140 km / h can reach values ​​between $ 15,620 and $ 156,200.

The six most common fines in the City of Buenos Aires

In the City of Buenos Aires, between January and November 2020, 2,675,832 traffic violations were carried out, as reported by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Transportation and Public Works: there was a significant drop compared to the previous year -3,072,702- subject to the effects of social, preventive and mandatory isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. 63.9% of the fines in the January-November 2020 period were for speeding, the most common sanction in the Buenos Aires area, fundamentally for the contribution of the highways, where 87.9% of the infractions took place.

The second most common fine was the red light violation: 11.1% of the total infractions that in the 2019 statistics ranked fifth. Improper parking ranked third with 8.1% of the total statistics. It was followed by the invasion of the exclusive lanes, the use of cell phones and the improper entry into the pedestrian zone of Microcentro.

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