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Apple Watches are on the agenda thanks to their many health and fitness-related features. Generation after generation are including new sensors and functions that are undoubtedly interesting. Right now you can find the latest model available, the Series 6, with an interesting discount on Amazon. We tell you all the details of this offer below.

The offer on Apple Watch models

As we mentioned previously, on Amazon you can find the different versions of the Apple Watch Series 6 with different discounts. In addition, the online store also makes all available strap colors available to users. In this way you can find yourself in an environment very similar to the one you will find in the Apple Store.

Apple Watch Series 6

Specifically, the Apple Watch Series 6 with a dial size of 40 mm presents a discount of up to 100 euros. Although, if you have a somewhat larger wrist, it is undoubtedly best to get the screen with a measurement of 44 mm. The latter has a discount that reaches up to 50 euros. In all cases, you will always find a totally official model including all the accessories that would normally arrive in the box that you buy in the Apple Store. By this we mean that it will arrive with the strap in the color you have chosen, silicone, as well as the necessary charger.

The advantages of having an Apple Watch

This smart watch model includes numerous sensors that will allow you to constantly monitor your health status. Among all the data that can be collected is the possibility of knowing the steps you have taken and even the calories you have burned. All this is included among the different exercises that can be selected to be able to perform both outdoors and in a gym.

This model that is currently on sale has LTE connectivity. This means that you can always contract a data plan with a teleoperator in order to always have access to the internet wherever you are. In this way you can become independent from the iPhone itself in order to always receive notifications and phone calls.

Apart from the exercise control there are also other sensors such as the ECG. In this way, a monitoring of the heart can be carried out to be able to know about the possible atrial fibrillations that may occur. In addition, this model also includes a sensor that aims to measure oxygen saturation in blood. In this way, an early diagnosis of a possible pathology such as a possible embolism can be given.

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