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Filmmakers reveal death threats to children of Cruz Azul players

The directors of the documentary “Dark Blue” indicated that at least one player spoke about threats to their families due to the team’s results.

Carlos Carrera, director of the Crime of Father Amaro, and Carlos Bátiz, filmmaker, revealed to ESPN Digital, that During the filming of the documentary “Dark Blue”, Cruz Azul players confessed that their families had received death threats, for the bad results of the team.

“There is a player who tells us: ‘You do not know the shame that we go out to the street when we lose, my children have been threatened with death‘. It would be good for people to know the human aspect, it really contrasts with what we have seen on the field, “he commented to ESPN Digital, Carlos Bátiz, co-director of the documentary “Azul Oscuro”.

In the documentary, there are talks with players and coaches from the current squad, as well as former footballers who passed through Cruz Azul. In five chapters the theme of the team will be addressed, from “its foundation to the time of ‘now merit'”, adds director Carlos Carrera.

“There is a player who said: ‘I was trained here, I come from Lagunas, Oaxaca, I was trained there, I come from there, I went up to the second team, first team, you think I have the face to get to that place, where I I have formed, where they have always treated me well, with the stain that I supposedly sold myself ‘, it is impossible ”.

In the interviews that the film directors have done, they assure that “there is no former player or player who speaks ill of Billy Álvarez”, the former president of Cruz Azul who was singled out for operations with money of illicit origin and has an arrest warrant in her against.

“Yes we have found scandalous things, such as the overselling of players, of players that were bought and not used, that were sold at a lower price than what was bought,” says Carlos Bátiz.

“The roll of not promoting the basic forces, rather than being negligent, it seems that it is on purpose, because then by not having people who cover the needs of the team, they buy players and in the end that is a business. Last season ended, it ended very badly, semifinal, and they want to clean up the team, but there is another business, it seems that everything responds to a business more than a sporting objective ”, acknowledges the director.

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