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Figures January 6. Mexico adds 129 thousand 987 deaths from covid-19

Mexico City /

Mexico adds 129 thousand 987 deaths from covid-19 this Wednesday, according to the report of the Ministry of Health that released the figures of the pandemic in the country as of January 6, 2021.

  • 129 thousand 987 deaths
  • One million 479 thousand 835 accumulated cases
  • One million 858 thousand 324 negative cases

Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, General Director of Health Promotion, He stressed that at today’s cutoff there were 76,101 estimated active cases, and 1,119,968 people have recovered from the virus.

During the Health conference for the new coronavirus, Cortés Alcalá reported that there are 1,165 new deaths and 13,345 new cases of coronavirus in the system.

Hospital occupation in Mexico due to coronavirus

It was announced that of the 30,961 general beds, 16,920 are occupied and 14,41 are available; that is, 55 percent are busy.

General beds:

  • Mexico City: 88 percent
  • State of Mexico: 83 percent
  • Guanajuato: 80 percent
  • Hidalgo: 77 percent

While of the 10,151 beds with a fan that are generally available, 4,685 are occupied and 5,466 are available.

Beds with fan:

  • Mexico City: 83 percent
  • State of Mexico: 79 percent
  • Nuevo León: 68 percent
  • Baja California: 58 percent


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