Fight against corona in China: Beijing goes into “emergency mode”

In view of the increasing number of new infections, Beijing has tightened its corona protective measures before the start of the holiday season in China. All districts of the capital were asked on Sunday to switch to “emergency mode” and to seal off residential complexes in which new infections have occurred. Previously, locally transmitted cases had been reported four days in a row.

The Shunyi district – where all Beijing cases have occurred in the past few days – has even declared a state of war. All 800,000 residents have been tested for the coronavirus. The adjacent Chaoyang District completed testing of 234,413 people, with no positive case found. The district government decreed that anyone who has not yet received a test result should not go outside.

China has largely brought the corona pandemic under control, but isolated cases keep cropping up. The authorities plan to vaccinate 50 million people from high-risk groups before the week-long New Year’s break, which begins in February, as reported by the state-run Global Times. Beijing has asked its officials to stay in the city from January 1st until the holidays. The population was urged to avoid unnecessary travel during this time.

Public facilities such as amusement parks have reduced their operating hours. Some Catholic churches in Beijing no longer allow church visitors, as the Archdiocese of Beijing announced on its website.

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