Field. Strong statement from deputies of Together for Change: “Closing the export of corn is generating more poverty”

“They insist on roads that create more poverty every day,” said Mario Negri Credit: Video capture

Following the government’s decision to temporarily suspend corn exports until March, which led to a 72-hour strike by the countryside, deputies from Together for Change They strongly criticized the measure and were categorical: “It is generating more poverty.”

“The closure of the corn export registry is a blow below the waterline of an activity that generates foreign exchange,” says the statement that was signed by the president of the UCR bloc and the Juntos por el Cambio interblock. Mario Negri; the president of the PRO block, Cristian Ritondo; and the president of the Civic Coalition bloc, Juan Manuel López.

As they explain, “since 2016, when policies were implemented to promote corn planting, the sowing area increased by 56% (from 6 million hectares to 9.4 million). Production increased by 70%; the transformation of corn in animal protein, 52%; industrialization rose 55%; and exports doubled. A virtuous circle was generated, and without neglecting the domestic market. “

“If the national government had not decided to close itself off from the world, in this campaign we could export 10 billion dollars of corn, generating foreign exchange and employment in more than 20 Argentine provinces “, they point out.

On the other hand, the deputies explain that, by closing exports, “investment will fall, the distrust of producers will increase and production will collapse.” And they add: “The only ones favored by this measure will be the other countries that produce corn and that compete with us. They are already celebrating and hope to occupy the empty space that Argentina will leave in the international market. “

Furthermore, in the statement, they state that this measure “is simply breaking that mechanism. [de generar divisas y riqueza] and insist on paths that create more poverty every day. “

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