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FIAT 500 "HEY GOOGLE": The most iconic and connected range

Fiat and Google join forces in an exclusive collaboration, known as “500 Hey Google”. It is the new special series of the new 500 family, where the technology of the Google Assistant is combined for the first time with the 500. This has led to the creation of the special series which, thanks to the integration of Mopar Connect services with the Google Assistant, allows customers to connect to their vehicle even when they are away from it. Using his own voice, the customer can ask and receive information about the car and to interact with it.

They can do it through their smartphone or Google Nest Hub, the smart device included in the Welcome Kit that you receive when you buy a Hey Google Family 500 car, for innovative and easy-to-use connectivity, so that what we do to daily even easier.

One of the secrets to the success of the Fiat 500 is that it always remains relevant. And now, once again, the Hey Google special series offers a smart, easy-to-use and intuitive solution that is as democratic and inclusive as it has always been, as well as being designed to make everyday life easier. The Hey Google special series goes one step further in interacting with the car when you’re not behind the wheel. Wherever you are, even from the sofa at home, all you need to do is say “Hey Google, ask My Fiat …” to find out, for example, where the car is parked, how much fuel is left, the location of the workshop nearest official or the mileage of the day. You can also know if you have locked the car doors or left the trunk open.

In its interaction with Fiat’s Mopar Connect, included in the New Family 500 Hey Google, the Google Assistant not only provides all the necessary information about the services to keep the vehicle’s status under control, find the car’s location and monitor the mileage carried out, a service also useful for fleet managers, it can also send commands such as locking and unlocking the doors or flashing the hazard lights.

With the My Fiat action, staying connected to your vehicle has never been easier: it can always be controlled with your voice through your Smartphone or on the Google Nest smart speakers or display. With the My Fiat functions it will also be possible to activate notifications on your smartphone if the vehicle leaves a pre-established area, or even if the vehicle is driven at a speed higher than the established limit.

The Hey Google 500 Family style

When it comes to the 500, style always comes first. For the Hey Google special series, the styles of the 500 and Google come together to create a great body, a combination of two colors as essential as the white and glossy black of the roof and the mirror caps. A tribute to the blank page of the search engine, where the Hey Google logo can be seen for the first time in the automotive world located on the wheel arches of all the models of the New 500 Family. Both central pillars are also adorned with elements inspired by Google colors. Inside the cabin, the same motif is applied to the new seats, with an embroidered “Hey Google” label, while the dashboard sports a matte silver color with the white 500 logo. The signature Hey Google also appears on the welcome page of the 7 “touchscreen: an animation showing the characteristic” molecules “, which then transforms into the” G “for Google and finally becomes the Fiat logo.

With all the components in this special series designed to make the technology in the new vehicle even easier to use, we have added a welcome kit included with your purchase. The bag with the Hey Google logo contains a case for the keys and the Nest Hub device, customized with a specific adhesive cover 500, as well as a welcome letter detailing the four easy steps to complete the setup and start interacting with it. car.

Fiat 500 Hey Google

In the Hey Google special version, the iconic 500 comes with a glossy black and white bi-color “suit”, 15 “alloy wheels, new dark-colored interiors with new height-adjustable seats, soft-touch sports steering wheel with integrated controls and the new matte silver dash with white 500 logo. The Hey Google 500 includes Cruise Control, 7 “Uconnect ™ DAB radio with CarPlay and Android Auto, 6 speakers and Mopar® Connect, all standard. Available in saloon and convertible versions, the 500 Hey Google is equipped with a 70 hp Euro 6D-Final approved hybrid engine. It is also available in the colors Gelato White, Carrara Gray, Vesuvius Black, Pompeii Gray and Italy Blue.

Fiat 500X Hey Google

Fiat’s Italian crossover is also available with a glossy black and white two-tone body. The bodywork is notable for its 41 cm (16 “) alloy wheels, fog lights and tinted windows that give it an urban flair. The interior features new seats and a matte silver dashboard with white 500 logo, soft-touch steering wheel with built-in controls, height-adjustable driver’s seat and front armrest. The Fiat 500X Hey Google includes a full range of technical specifications, such as Uconnect ™ radio with 18 cm (7 “) HD touchscreen, Car Play and Android Auto, 6 speakers, Mopar® Connect, rear parking sensors, and light and rain sensors. The engine range consists of two Euro 6D-Final compliant gasoline powertrains (1.0 Firefly 88 kW-120 hp) and the 1.6 MultiJet diesel engine 97 kW-130 hp. Also available are shades of Passione Red, Gelato White, Silver Gray, Fashion Gray, Italy Blue and Cinema Black.

Fiat 500L Hey Google

The 500 Family is completed by the 500L Hey Google, the crossover-looking family car for modern families, with a glossy black and white two-tone body and 16 “wheels. The cabin features new seats and silver dashboard. matte with 500 logo in white, 18 cm (7 “) DAB radio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, manual air conditioning and Mopar® Connect. The 500L Hey Google is available with a 70 kW-95 hp 1.4 petrol engine or a Euro 6D-Final approved 70 kW-95 hp 1.3 MultiJet turbodiesel.


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