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FES Iztacala withdraws doctors from the general hospital of Ecatepec after one of them died from Covid

Tlalnepantla, Mex.- After the death by Covid-19 of a student of the career of Surgeon of the Faculty of higher education (FES) Iztacala, who was an Undergraduate Intern at the Ecatepec General Hospital “Dr. José María Rodríguez “, occurred last Monday, the director of the school of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), determined remove all companions of the victim of that medical center until the conditions to carry out their work improve.

Maria del Coro Arizmendi Arriaga, director of the FES Iztacala, lamented the death of Jorge Alejandro López Rivas, who was a member of the university community and was assigned to the property belonging to the Instituto de Salud del Estado de México (ISEM).

In a statement, the UNAM school reported that after the student’s death they contacted his family and the health authorities of the State of Mexico.


Three meetings were held, on January 5 and 6, in which the group of Undergraduate Internal Physicians of the FES Iztacala participated, and they expressed their concerns about the way in which they offer their services.

“As a result of the above and the meticulous review of the case, I decided to withdraw in its entirety the team of Undergraduate Internships from our faculty assigned to said unit, until the conditions are improved so that everyone can carry out their work, with the appropriate security measures ”, announced the director.

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Arizmendi Arriaga ordered that the terms in which the members of the university community in the different hospital sites to which they were assigned and in case the adequate security measures are not followed, they withdraw immediately.

Undergraduate Internal Physicians who offered their services in the Hospital “Dr. José María Rodríguez “, denounced that their partner was infected because he provided care to Covid-19 patients without having the required personal security equipment, he became infected and as of December 12 began to feel bad, he did not receive the necessary treatment and on January 4 he lost his life.

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