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Fernández analyzed the possibility of instructing the security forces to dissipate the crowds

Fernndez analyzed the possibility of instructing the security forces to dissipate the crowds

President Alberto Fernández said today that the possibility of the security forces acting to “dissipate” crowds of people with the aim of “preventing coronavirus cases” is being analyzed, but he ruled out the application of “a curfew.”

“We were yesterday with Axel (Kicillof) and Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) analyzing the increase in cases and we agreed that we are going to have weekly meetings. We are contemplating the possibility of the security forces dissipating crowds, but we are not going to implement a curfew, perhaps a sanitary touch like the one applied in the interior “Fernández said in statements made to Radio 10.

The head of state assured that, together with the governor of the province of Buenos Aires and the head of the Buenos Aires government, he will closely follow the evolution of the health situation to take eventual measures.

On the other hand, he mentioned “the problem of the (Atlantic) coast with tourism and, in that sense, he pointed out that” Mar del Plata, which is not having a good time.

“We are going to let the end of the year pass and from next week we are going to look with a magnifying glass to see how we solve this,” the president announced.

In this context, he maintained that the feeling is that “December was a month of much relaxation” in terms of care measures to avoid contagion, which led to “social gatherings and marches of different kinds and for different reasons, all things that they could help the virus to circulate. “

In addition, he pointed out that “it is a breeding ground for the virus” also what was seen on December 24 at night, when “young people gathered in the squares without masks, crowded”, or “the clandestine parties that are being promoted by social networks”.

“It is something we have to pay attention to because it is definitely something very dangerous. That is why yesterday I wanted to have a meeting with Axel and Horacio and see what we do for the future, “explained the president.

In this context, he again recommended “care” before the celebration of the New Year tonight.

“The problem has not ended and, if we see that the situation does not ease and the relaxation continues, see how the security forces and others begin to act in the streets to dissipate people and prevent these agglomerations from happening,” he said President.

Economic and social Council

The President anticipated that the Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency, Gustavo Beliz, will be in charge of the Economic and Social Council that will begin to function from January.

In addition, Fernández anticipated that it will be that same space that will end up shaping a bill to regulate its operation, which will then be sent to the National Congress for treatment.

Judicial reform

The president also praised the work being done by the Advisory Council that advises him on a proposal to reform the Justice and recalled that he “did his part” by implementing changes in the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) so that spies stop intervening in court cases.

“I did my part to stop the AFI from intervening in legal cases and we ended up with one of the basements of democracy. Now I need a commitment from all political forces to reform Justice “, maintained the President.

Vacuna sputnik v

In another order, in his statements, the president thanked the Russian Federation for its contribution to provide Argentina with the Sputnik V vaccine with “so much speed”; He assured that there is a possibility that a new shipment of this drug will arrive in March, and that they are working with other companies and countries to have other alternatives.

“We are working so that after March we have other vaccines. We work with AstraZeneca and we are analyzing the protocols with China. Regarding Pfizer, we were given logistics and contract conditions that we cannot guarantee. But we continue negotiating “, he assured.


With regard to the debt, Fernández highlighted the negotiation with private creditors, by ensuring that the reduction achieved by the country will be used in 2021 “for production and work”, and assured that the negotiations to reach an agreement with the IMF “ they are on the right track ”.

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