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Fermented rice water for instantly fuller, silky curls

The curly hair it looks beautiful, but there are certainly days when no matter how much we take care of it It looks dehydrated, dull, without any definition and even frizzy. Here the most important thing is do not saturate it with products that are very heavy for our hair, because the only thing we are going to cause is that our chinitos get off. Not everything is lost! Make this Fermented Rice Water for instantly fuller, silky curls.

Why should I hydrate the curls?

The capillary hydration is key for any type of hair stay healthy, but let’s remember that curls dry out more easily than straight hair because due to shape with “beautiful waves”, the sebum produced by the scalp is not able to reach the ends, because becomes frizzy, dehydrated and weak, describe a study published on the American Physical Society.

On the other hand, that perfect wave of the curls favors the formation of knots in hair, the reason why cracks and may feel rougher, therefore, it is important keep it well hydrated and deeply nourished without using many products in your beautiful curls, in fact, natural products they are ideal for getting beautiful curlers.

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Although in supermarkets we can find a wide variety of hair care products, the truth is that most contain ingredients what can be harmful to our curly hair, especially if they include sulfates, parabens, silicones, petrolates, waxes, paraffins and even alcohol, since these they dry it out and make hair fall out faster.

What happens if I pour rice water on my curls?

It may seem strange to you, but I assure you that rice water is ideal to deeply hydrate your beautiful curly hair. According to a published study on the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, this liquid increases the elasticity of the hair and prevents flaking of each hair strand, I use it as natural conditioner or curl activator and I love how they look.

Other benefits of using rice water on your curls is that strengthens your hair, adds shine, reduces the appearance of split ends, curls are softer and can stimulate their growth hair related to achieve a “Rapunzel effect”.

Recipe: Fermented Rice Water to Hydrate Curls


  • A cup of rice
  • Two cups of water
  • Peel of an orange

*** If you have a lot of hair, I recommend using double the ingredients ***

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Preparation method:

Paso 1. Pour the cup of rice over a strainer and rinse it to remove any excess impurities that it may have.

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Paso 2. Add the rice in a container, pour two cups of clean water and wash the rice as if you were washing clothes, that is, you take a little with your hands and you are going to rub it with your palms to extract all its properties, do it for 5 or 10 minutes.

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Paso 3. Once this procedure is done, now we are going to strain the rice into a new container that you can cover without problem, later, we add the orange peel, this is so that the rice water does not have a bad smell when fermented and smells delicious.

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Paso 4. Cover the container and let it rest for 24 hours in a dark place other than the refrigerator because otherwise this treatment will not ferment for your curls.

How to use fermented rice water on curls?

Once we have our fermented rice water ready, the ideal is pour into a spray bottle. Separate your hair into sections and moisten with this water from the roots to the tips, massage your scalp and apply all over your hair so that you receive all the benefits of this ancient water, cover with a thermal cap to enhance its effect. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse with plenty of clean water and dry your curls with the help of a microfiber towel or a cotton towel, you can leave air dry or use a diffuser.

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Your curls will show hydrated, defined and with a volume. Apply this tonic to your hair to bring your hair to its full potential at least once a week.

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