Status: December 28, 2020 12:48 a.m.

After the explosion of a motor home in Nashville, Tennessee, the police have determined the perpetrator. According to the FBI, the 63-year-old died in the detonation. His motive is still unclear.

The perpetrator responsible for the violent explosion in Nashville on Christmas Day was killed in the detonation. He acted alone. That said, representatives of the public prosecutor’s office and the Federal Police FBI.

Criminal identified with the help of DNA traces

The perpetrator was identified on the basis of DNA samples, said the local FBI chief Douglas Korneski. Investigators had found human tissue near the site of the explosion, which could be compared with other DNA samples after a house search on Saturday. In addition, the police received hundreds of tips from the population.

The motive of the 63-year-old perpetrator initially remained unclear. Investigators have also not yet provided any information about the type of explosives he was using. According to the authorities, the perpetrator has experience in dealing with electronics and alarm systems and worked as an IT consultant for a real estate agent in Nashville.

Telecommunication disturbed

In the center of Nashville, a mobile home exploded early Friday morning, from which loudspeaker announcements had been made to evacuate. Because of the warnings, the area could be evacuated in time, only three people were slightly injured.

The force of the explosion was enormous: Dozens of houses were badly damaged, including a building belonging to the telecommunications company AT&T. As a result, telephone connections in several US states collapsed. The police and hospitals were also affected. Whether it may have been an attack on AT&T is still under investigation.

With almost 700,000 inhabitants, Nashville is the capital of the state of Tennessee in the southern United States. Because of its many live music bars and record labels, it is considered the center of country music and is therefore also called “Music City”.

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