Are we always happy with what they give us, and how often do we receive gifts that cause us bewilderment, and sometimes sadness?

– Imagine, – my friend Galka moaned into the phone, – again presented a mountain of creams that were completely inappropriate for me! I don’t know what to do with them – just go and sell them.

“You’ll overdo it,” I tried to calm her down.

– Well, yes, and if they come back to me? – Galka sighed.

I made myself some tea and looked around the two rows of cezves in the cupboard. I remember that I once brought from Turkey a tiny turkey for two small cups of coffee, bragged about it and, it seems, said something like: “Look, how cute! Maybe I should start collecting Turks? ” Over the next four years, I became the proud owner of twenty-nine jazz of different calibers and colors, donated to me by friends. By the way, during this time I stopped drinking coffee and became addicted to green tea.

Over the next week, I asked my friends and relatives just two questions: “What gift would bring you the most joy?” and “What would you not like to receive as a gift?”

The young ladies brightened up incredibly and poured down an avalanche of information on me. And despite the significant spread of the respondents by age and professional background, I even managed to identify some patterns. I will make a reservation right away that I did not introduce such absolute leaders as flowers, cars, lakeside houses, trips to Paris and sunny seaside resorts into the game.

Among others, perfumes, decorative cosmetics and jewelry are the undisputed favorites. “I would like to be present at the purchase, so that it was really what I dreamed of,” said one friend, “but even if not, they are still the most pleasant little things, which are never too many.”

Shoulder to shoulder with the favorites were souvenirs, preferably exotic and preferably brought from other countries: figurines made of wood, stone, glass, miniatures and boxes. “You hold them in your hands, and as if you yourself have visited those places”, “And how great that a person remembered about you!” – two students from my niece’s company chirped with each other.

So far everything was clear and logical, but the next item that received a significant number of votes was … a book. Fiction, art albums, photo albums with views, and even books on professional topics. What does the reading nation mean!

But with regard to household appliances and various household items (for example, kitchen utensils), opinions were approximately equally divided.

– Yes! – half of the respondents exclaimed, and their eyes sparkled with carnivores. – We adore all kinds of juicers, coffee makers, irons and, to be honest, washing machines and dishwashers.

– Fu! – the others frowned. – Too utilitarian. A gift should be for the soul, and not with such subtext: here’s a coffee maker for you, go and make us some coffee.

Approximately three-quarters of the women participating in the discussion named things made by the donor as the desired gifts. Watercolors, macrame, embroidery, floral arrangements and so on, so on.

– But it all usually always looks so artisanal? – I was surprised. – What is the charm in this?

– And the charm is, – they explained to me, – that you know for sure that it was made just for you, and not purchased in the store, and this is insanely captivating.

– And where are the clothes, underwear and handbags, gloves? – my neighbor was perplexed, curiously turning over the sheets on which I wrote down the results of my research.

“On another list,” I replied, “where are the gifts that I would not want to receive.

– But why?!

And really, why? The reason, it turns out, is simple – all my friends prefer to choose their own clothes, underwear, shoes and bags. And this is explained by the fact that a woman is a changeable creature and it is almost impossible to keep track of her preferences in clothes and accessories, today she needs one thing, tomorrow – another. And therefore, if you really want to give your friend a handbag or gloves, it is better to take it with you to the store. The effect of surprise, of course, will be lost, but on the other hand, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to observe the sincere pleasure with which she begins to wear the little thing you donated.

The same story is with interior items: curtains, bedspreads, pillows, lamps. Well, how did your friend decide to decorate the apartment in the spirit of minimalism, and you, according to old memory, bring something in the style of the end of the 18th century into the house, what then?

“Darling, give me a wobbler!”: Test how well you know “male” words

However, the main thing is not what is wrapped in the gift bag. And my colleague Olga remarkably spoke on this score:

– I can’t name exactly what I would like to receive as a gift. I know for sure that I don’t like it – when someone else’s souvenirs are handed over to me or they bring me a gift as an excuse, it’s just the first thing that came to hand. You can feel it instantly. As for the rest … Any little thing given from the heart is always very pleasant.

That was when I completed my little research and looked back at my twenty-nine Turks with completely new sensations. Needed, not needed – that’s not the point. The main thing is how wonderful it is that my friends love me and remember my little eccentricities.

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