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Father speaks in BILD – After this photo, Milina disappeared without a trace

Luckenwalde – This grainy photo is the last sign of life from Milina K. (22)!

Crossed her legs, the young woman sits on a park bench in her hometown of Luckenwalde (Brandenburg). Only minutes after this recording, she says goodbye to her friends and wants to go home. But it never gets there …

Milina has been missing since September 24th. The 22-year-old has her own apartment, and her father lives with her little brother next to it. “When we didn’t hear from her for two days, I went to the police,” said father Artur K. (44) to BILD. “She has never stayed away.”

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At first, the officers did nothing. A spokesman: “A person who has grown up can freely choose the center of his life.” Only after Artur K. and friends of the missing persons searched publicly did the police begin to investigate.

“I am disappointed because I have the feeling that the police are not doing much,” says the father. Last Thursday, divers searched a lake near the park, from which Milina disappeared – without success. Now the prosecutor has taken over the case.

Artur K. himself searched his daughter’s apartment: “There are no indications that she wanted to go underground. The cell phone has been off since she disappeared and she has not withdrawn any money from her account. “

After more than two excruciatingly long weeks of uncertainty, K. is completely desperate: “I hope that Milina will simply come home again.”

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