Father José de Jesús Aguilar

After some bakers put in the traditional Three Kings Day thread figures of Baby Yoda or some others comics characters, he Father José de Jesús Aguilar He said that although he respects the ingenuity of the merchants on this date, the child god figure.

“Everyone is free to do what comes to mind, that creativity is good and that merchants and pastry chefs sometimes think about the economic part before other things,” said the father.

And he mentioned that he is more in favor of the image of the child God appearing on the thread because of what it symbolically represents on this commemorative date.

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“If the thread has this symbolic shape that reminds us that Christ is the King of kings and that he was worshiped by the wise men And that is why the thread is broken at this time and that it was hidden from the eyes of Herod who instead of worshiping him, wanted to kill him, for this reason his image is fondly hidden within the thread so that as a family, in a work group is found, I think this is what should prevail, “explained Father Aguilar.

And he said that a donut or cake with a figure other than that of the child God can be used on another day and not on this commemorative date.

“A donut or a cake with something hidden, it can be used any other day, perhaps the children’s birthday, perhaps the children’s day or some other holiday, but from my point of view the rosca de Reyes should have this image of the child Jesus who hides within “.

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“I understand that many children will be happy to find their favorite doll inside the donut, but for me the favorite image is that child who became a man for us who died, preached and who makes us children of God and gives us the eternal life, “concluded Father José de Jesús Aguilar.


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