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Fashion for children: basic pieces that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

The kings of the home are growing by leaps and bounds. In these days of change, they are the ones who have shown the good side of life with their laughter, games, capacity for wonder and adaptation to the new normal.

Thanks to their laughs and witticisms, the family dynamics are refreshed, that’s why nothing better than giving them a detail that, in addition to surprising them, makes them feel good and look fashionable, fresh and with their own style.

We find in Liverpool several products with which you will be able to surprise the little ones. They have several departments where you will find the perfect surprise. Today we want to present you some clothing alternatives with which the kings of the home will shine.

All the style

As a mom, you will always look for clothes that can be worn in different situations. Parties with friends, school days, meals with the family, no matter the reunion, cotton pants are key. They are super combinable, cool and comfortable.

This model from the Piquenique brand, for sale in Liverpool, can make all the difference in your little one’s outfit.

A basic

Polo-type shirts are fresh and essential for your children’s wardrobe. They can be combined with jeans as well as with slightly more formal pants. They will bail you out for school days. Even remotely, children must look presentable to connect to their classes.

Piquenique has this proposal in blocks of color. The best thing is that it is made of cotton, a material that guarantees the freshness and comfort of your children.

Fun prints

Children love prints and what better way to wear them on their clothes, in Liverpool you will find shirts, for the most formal looks, with fun designs with which your little one will shine.

That’s It has this cotton proposal with which it will be fresh on those days when you want it to be more groomed.

The battle pieces

Children do not stop, they go from top to bottom, they discover the world at every step, for them, the most adventurous, t-shirts are a piece that cannot be missed. Liverpool offers a variety of models for this garment.

This Piquenique model has everything your child needs: a resistant fabric, a basic color and a fun design. It is available from size 4 to 16.

For the little ones

We do not leave them out, for them, who are taking their first steps, these white tennis shoes will be their best allies for new adventures. They are light and thanks to their external straps the support of the foot is greater.

A detail that amuses them

After the virtual classes, in which they spend several hours in front of a computer, they need something that amuses them in another way, a hobby in which they develop their creativity and strengthen their ability to solve problems.

For that, look for the BOLO activity book, there you will find word searches, mazes, jellyfish and many more activities. The best thing is that the protagonist is the cute little bear.

If you want more alternatives, visit the Liverpool children’s section, there you will find a detail for each stage in the lives of the little ones. Clothes, shoes, toys, video games, furniture and white. Everything to surprise the kings of the home.

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