Moments before the match between Juárez and Cruz Azul was played, lThe fans of both teams staged an episode of violence where the police had to intervene to calm things down.

Fans of the cement team, who traveled from Mexico City, organized to gather at the mega-flag, a symbol of the city.

And to the rhythm of drums and songs, Cruz Azul fans mobilized on Heróico Militar avenue when They were intercepted by FC Juárez supporters who with insults and provocations unleashed the inevitable conflict.

The fight was characterized by the bottles and stones that flew through the airTo such an extent that the police had to intervene to disperse the euphoric fans. The officers arrested a Juarense fan.

After the fever, the police decided to escort the supporters of Cruz Azul to the stadium to avoid new fighting attempts. In the end, the cement team won a goal for zero at the end of the game, extending his streak to 11 consecutive games winning.

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