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Fans fought in the stands during the Clásico Tapatío

Fans staged a fight in the stands of the Jalisco Stadium

After culminating Chivas’ victory over Atlas on the Jalisco Stadium field, in Different sectors of the property clashes between fans of both teams, in addition to the fact that security elements withdrew some followers for not respecting health protocols.

In the upper eastern section of the Jalisco Stadium at the end of the match There was a fight between at least six elements of both teams, which is why the security elements had to intervene to separate and remove the fans involved.

Later, in the same area, some security elements had to remove three other fans from the property, after they did not follow the health protocols established by the MX League and the Government of the State of Jalisco.

Similarly, in the western preferential area, some security elements decided to remove two Atlas fans from the property, after they did not respect health protocols either, which is why about 18 troops had to attend that area to to be able to withdraw the followers of the rojinegro team.

According to the report of the local sound, in the duel tonight on the Jalisco Stadium field, there was an attendance of 12,740 fans, and according to the information provided by the Municipal Police of Guadalajara, a total of 31 were reported. people detained due to administrative misconduct.

After the return of the fans to the stadiums, this is the first time that violent confrontations have been presented and they remove fans for not respecting health protocols in the Coloso de la Calzada Independencia.

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