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Fans compare Chivas commemorative jersey with “Yellow Section”

Fans criticized the presence of advertising on Guadalajara’s 115th anniversary shirt

After unveiling the sweater with which the Chivas they will dispute the Classic Tapatío in view of Atlas, different fans are they complained on social media, then for tonight’s game the 115th anniversary commemorative t-shirt of Guadalajara it will have sponsors and it will not be clean as it was presented for sale.

In the pre-match, in your official account of Twitter The rojiblanca institution showed some images of the clothing of the Guadalajara in the stadium locker room, so seeing the sponsors on the new commemorative jersey, some fans severely criticized the determination to place the advertising on the jersey, likening it to “Yellow Section “.

“Yes well ‘the shield of the people’ does not look so good there stuck in the section yellow, to date I do not know what Granvita is but above the Chivas“,” They make people buy their jersey to make them feel special. And they are going to play with a full sponsorship “,” The shield of the people “and all the brands that even seem to be of Formula 1”, expressed some fans of the Guadalajara in the social network

The fans continued to present their complaints because the new clothing will have publicity, so some asked to terminate the contract with some sponsors, in addition to asking the owner of Chivas, Amaury Vergara to respect the shirt of the Guadalajara.

“Why not play with the special and save the newspaper for another time?”, “It looks horrible with so much publicity”, “We want the shield of the people, not brands”, “So good that it looked without sponsors” , “How ugly the sponsors look, or that we were Jaguars! Respect the shirt @Amauryvz”, they pointed out.

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