Fans adore young, sexy biker: But she is actually a 50-year-old man!

Fans loved their cute selfies. But this young lady was never real.

Japan – She was so cute and so sexy: fans literally adored the Japanese Twitter user @azusagakuyuki when she published new pictures of herself and her motorcycle.

The saying definitely applies here: more appearance than it is!

The saying definitely applies here: more appearance than it is! © Twitter / screenshot / @ azusagakuyuki

Again and again, the very young biker presented herself on sexy selfies, which she showed in an erotic pose. The young lady was happy to write about her love of “playing around with motorcycles”.

Then the bomb burst, as the Daily Star currently reports. Because in truth, the biker girl is a 50-year-old man!

A Japanese TV crew revealed a video showing @azusagakuyuki’s real face in front of the stunned fans.

The 50-year-old took off his helmet from which the long red hair peeked out and destroyed the dreams of his followers. But how could it all be?

Of the Japanese admitted he had tricked his fans and revealed that tools like FaceApp and PhotoShop had helped him.

Bitter for many fans: The sexy lady is a "uncle" middle aged.

Bitter for many fans: The sexy lady is a middle-aged “uncle”. © Twitter / screenshot / @ YukuBuraaaa_TV

For the shocked admirer, the nonexistent young biker, the “cheater” meanwhile had a reason for his actions.

Accordingly, he could not have imagined that anyone would want to see an “uncle” like him on Twitter. Probably the motorcyclist was correct in this assessment.

No sooner had he started to “transform” himself into the young woman on Twitter than his fan base grew rapidly. Within a very short time, around 17,000 followers were added to his account.

In mid-February, however, the clever Twitter user made a mistake. He worked on his face in one of the photos and didn’t notice it was reflected in his motorcycle mirror.

This caused confusion among fans until the TV team finally solved the mystery. Incidentally, @azusagakuyuki currently has almost 19,400 fans.

Perhaps by now they have suppressed the truth again …

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