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Family speaks of massacre – six pit bulls tear 53-year-olds apart

Horror attack in Brazil!

A 53-year-old woman was mauled by six pit bulls. The victim’s family speaks of a massacre. Several media outlets have voted in favor of the brutal biting incident in the city of Birigui in the state of São Paulo.

Accordingly, Marli Donega wanted to visit her partner, who works as a caretaker on a large property. That was where the accident happened.

The six dogs were apparently running around freely on the property and pounced on the unknown visitor. The victim’s friend tried to keep the pit bulls from his partner in a frenzy of blood – in vain.

The man saved himself seriously injured in a house on the property and called the emergency number with his last bit of strength. When rescue workers arrived at the scene, they saw a picture of horror. The helpers were only able to recover the body of Marli Donega. The caretaker was taken to a hospital in Birigui seriously injured and his condition is said to be stable.

The 53-year-old has now been buried. Violent: According to media reports, the woman had to be left in a closed coffin because the body was so disfigured.

“She was downright massacred”

An uncle of those killed, Alcides Paschoal, told the local press: “She was downright massacred, she didn’t deserve it.” Marli Donega was “terribly missed. She was a person without faults. ”In her free time, she took care of disadvantaged children.

Police investigators are now investigating the horror attack. The pit bulls should still be allowed to live on the farm.

The pit bull dog breed originated in the United States and was originally bred for fighting. In Germany, keeping is subject to strict requirements. In many federal states, the animals, which can weigh up to 30 kilograms, are so-called dangerous dogs.

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