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False mask certificates – Corona outbreak at Waldorf school

117 infections – Corona outbreak at a Waldorf school with around 600 students in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg.

It is the largest outbreak in a school in the administrative district, reports the “Daily mirror“. In the course of this, it emerged that 55 certificates from schoolchildren and teachers for exemption from the mask requirement at the Free Waldorf School in Freiburg’s St. Georgen district did not meet the requirements of the Corona Ordinance.

A spokeswoman for the regional council announced on Wednesday that the school had decided, following an examination by the authorities, to no longer recognize all mask certificates. 52 came from students, 3 from teachers.

A maximum of three of the certificates met the provisions of the Corona Ordinance, said Caroline Walther, from the RP department for legal and administrative matters of schools and independent schools, the “Badische Zeitung”.

Many of the certificates were justified with “CO2 rebreathing”. Several of the forms had been issued in private clinics in Bavaria and Berlin and had identical explanations.

► A father announced that he wanted to take legal action against the rejection of the certificate, said the presidium spokeswoman. “He would have to direct a corresponding complaint to the Waldorf School.”

This is not the first time because of Corona in the headlines: After circus performances, there was a Corona outbreak a few weeks ago. Dozens of people became infected.

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