False heiress who deceived New York high society now awaits deportation

New York, USA.

The german Anna Sorokin, who under the name of Anna Delvey deceived New York high society by posing as the heir to a great fortune, is in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), which is preparing to deport her, after serving two years in prison.

Sorokin, 30, was sentenced to between 4 and 12 years in prison for fraud but he was released in February for good behavior and since March he has been in ICE custody and is in a center in New Jersey awaiting deportation, local media say.

Under the name of Anna DelveyFor several years, the woman earned the friendship of the New York elites, frequenting the best establishments, dressing as designers where she left non-stop tips of 100 dollars.

Finally, in 2017 she was arrested after leaving a bill of $ 11,518 unpaid at a luxury hotel and faced a trial that was followed with great expectation in the United States, where she arrived willing to live a movie life based on a whole web of lies.

Spectacular private club

His great project was to open a spectacular private club in Manhattan, an investment of more than 40 million dollars and that he was going to design Gabriel Calatrava, son of the famous Spanish architect, whom he met in October 2015 and who testified at trial.

The woman was scheduled to be sent to Germany on March 26, but it was not included in the list for reasons that are unknown, although you could be appealing that decision.

Between his lies, claimed his father was a diplomat and an oil magnateBut the reality is that she is the daughter of a former Russian truck driver who emigrated to Germany and runs a heating and cooling business.

Sorokin has said his experience at Albion Correctional Facility in New York was “insane.”

“Take people away, lock them up, take everything from them and hope they reform. What’s that supposed to do for you? You’re deprived of everything. Same solution for everyone, no matter what you’ve done? When you are a criminal it is a very different way of thinkingWhether you kill someone or sell drugs. Where you come from is not comparable. They have this one-size-fits-all solution, and that shouldn’t be the case, “he said.

The figure of Sorokin caused great fascination and his story will be brought to television by Netflix, which bought him the rights but New York froze your accounts pending payment to your creditors.

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