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Faked handicap – lousy wheelchair cheat at Malle Airport!

Palma / Stuttgart – What was he thinking ?!

Tuesday evening, 8 p.m., Palma de Mallorca Airport, Gate C50. Christian S. (28) in a green training jacket and gray sweatpants is brought to the gate in a wheelchair. His companion takes a seat at the seats for handicapped passengers. The two are joking, taking selfies.

Other passengers watch S. suspiciously. To underline his supposed handicap, the hobby soccer player from Stuttgart pushes his trouser leg up. There is a small graze on the knee.

The airport staff is also puzzled when Christian S. crosses his feet and does not wear his mouth and nose cover correctly.

The young man is allowed to board first with another passenger with a real handicap and is in a good mood. In front of the entrance to the aircraft, his friend heaves him out of the wheelchair, S. hobbles to his place in the back rows of seats.

Then the miraculous lightning healing at an altitude of 10,000 meters. After landing, the wheelchair cheater jumps down the stairs from the plane to the bus on the apron of the airport in Stuttgart.

Without picking up a suitcase from the baggage carousel, he and his buddy disappear into the night shortly after 11 p.m.

When asked by BILD, S. deeply regrets this shabby prank: “It was stupid joke on our part, we’re also really sorry!” And his companion to BILD: “It was stupid. We came straight from Ballermann and went straight to the airport. The action is extremely embarrassing to us now. “

A Eurowings spokesman on BILD: “If a passenger needs a wheelchair at short notice, there is capacity for it. Of course, Eurowings does not question the expressed wish – that would be discriminatory. If someone misuses this service, it would be a slap in the face for all other travelers who seriously need such support. “

Christian S. ruefully promises BILD: “I will never sit in a wheelchair again if I don’t really need it. I promise you that highly and holy. “

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