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Facebook suffers a serious data theft: More than 533 million accounts leaked

Facebook is going through in the last hours one of the biggest security crisis in all its history. If we are users of the social network, it is likely that our mobile and our email address may have been leaked online. We are talking about a gigantic extraction of sensitive data, and according to Bussiness Insider would have affected more than 533 million users. In Espaa, at least 11 million users they would have been compromised.

A huge danger to security and privacy

The danger of this leak is incalculable. At this time, anyone can obtain the personal data of millions of people for the most varied purposes, such as using them for example to impersonate those users in other applications, programs and various portals. Theft would affect users over 106 passes and among the information leaked by this serious security error, are the identifiers and credentials used on Facebook, mobile phone numbers, their addresses, full biographies and in some cases the email address. According to Facebook, this vulnerability, already corrected, dates from 2019, and claims that it is old and partial data, but the number of profiles leaked and stolen will be greater than that announced at first.

Several cybersecurity experts have pointed out that 2.5 million email addresses have been found in this data theft., a small amount compared to the figures given by Facebook and some media, but equally significant. Almost 11 million users in Spain will be part of this leak, while the most affected countries in the world correspond to Egypt with 44.8 million, Tunisia with 39.5 million, Italy with 35.6 million and the United States with 32.3 millions. The data, apparently, already came to light in June 2020 after a member of a celebrated forum of hacking put the gross of the same for sale. Nevertheless, someone will have uploaded them for free, allowing anyone to use and consult them easily because they are now in a plain text format. It is said that even the phone number of the founder of Mark Zuckergber got into this breach.

The 146GB file contains nearly 540 million records and is one of the largest in a troubling history of Facebook data theft., which continues to have security and privacy management problems in recent months. If we have been affected, it is recommended to change passwords, activate two-step verification using SMS and other methods, as well as shield our credentials with external authenticators.

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