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Facebook Removes Trump’s Post, Covid-19 Was Less Deadly Than Flu | america – World

Facebook removed Trump's post, Covid-19 told it was less deadly than flu

Facebook deleted a post from Trump

Facebook removes Trump post: Facebook has removed a post related to US President Donald Trump’s Kovid-19. Trump himself had said in this post that Kovid-19 is also a minor virus from the flu.

Washington. Facebook has once again deleted one of his posts while acting on US President Donald Trump. Trump, who is battling Coronavirus himself, claimed in the post that covid-19 is a less deadly virus than the flu. Before this, Twitter has also issued a warning by falsely trumping the tweet many times. Trump has described Twitter’s attitude as discriminatory.

Let me tell you that President Trump was treated for three days in the hospital after being found corona positive, after which he has returned to the White House on Monday. However, Trump is still under the supervision of the medical team and his treatment is continuing. According to CNN, Trump had written in this post – America has learned to live with flu season, in the same way we are learning to live with Kovid, it is much less fatal in most of the population. Trump had also posted the same message on Twitter, which has been hidden by Twitter. A warning is written on his tweet that it can be misleading and potentially harmful information. After reading this warning, the user will click on the tweet, only then he will see the real tweet.

Facebook released statement

Facebook’s policy communications manager Andy Stone said, “We remove misinformation about the seriousness of the Kovid-19, and we have now removed this post.” The President has responded to this by another tweet, “repeal of section 230 !!!” He is referring here to the law which says that social networks are not responsible for the content posted by their users. But in this, companies are allowed to ‘block the content for the good’ of the users, which they find derogatory, annoying or violent.

Let me tell you that this is the second time Facebook has removed a post of the President. At the same time, Twitter has taken several actions like deleting and warning. On the other hand, Republicans said that unilateral censorship is being imposed against conservative ideas online and they want to stop it. At the same time, Democrats said that they are more interested in wrong information. Last week, the Commerce Committee of the American Senate issued summons to the heads of Facebook, Twitter and Google to investigate the matter further.

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