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Facebook is apparently paying $ 650 million in compensation for privacy breach

According to the AFP news agency, Facebook is paying compensation totaling $ 650 million (€ 538 million) to settle a lawsuit over millions of invasions of privacy.

According to documents quoted by AFP, a federal court approved the agreement between Facebook and 1.6 million users in the state of Illinois.

In 2015, the Chicago prosecutor charged Facebook with collecting biometric data for facial recognition, which happened without users’ knowledge. She argued that the California internet giant’s actions violated a 2008 Illinois privacy law.

After Facebook failed to quit, the company pledged $ 550 million to settle the lawsuit in January 2020. Judge James Donato rejected the sum as insufficient.

“One of the highest comparisons ever”

According to AFP, Donato described the amount of compensation that has now been agreed as “one of the highest comparisons ever for invasion of privacy.” Each affected user will receive at least $ 345 in compensation.

According to AFP, Facebook was initially not available for comment.

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