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Are you one of the people who uses Facebook? So this is what you should know. Through it, anyone can not only view photos, videos or news, but also chat with all their friends regardless of where they are.

However, in recent days the social network of Mark Zuckerberg it has suffered what would be its biggest data breach since its founding. Most of the information has been shared on the deep web, that portal that very few can access.

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Although it is quite dangerous, now there is a simple trick to know if your number is hanging around the internet without your authorization. For this you must enter the web that we will give you below.

The best of all is that this page is quite secure and will not access any of the data that you share with it, much less publish it on Facebook.


Every time we open a Facebook account, the social network always sends us a confirmation code to our phone number in order to activate our account, as well as our email.

While this can be removed later, the app has suffered a data breach from multiple people this week. That is why we will give you the trick to know if you are in danger or not.

  • To begin you must enter from your phone or computer to
  • Once inside, try to enter the phone number.
Learn how to know if your Facebook number has been leaked.  (Photo: MAG)
Learn how to know if your Facebook number has been leaked. (Photo: MAG)
  • Choose the country code and confirm.
  • At that moment the web will inform you if your cell phone number has been leaked or not.
  • If this happens, you will have to delete or change your cell phone number from Facebook itself.

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