Fabián Tablado returns to a common prison: the justice dictated his preventive detention for violating the perimeter of Carolina Aló’s father and that of his daughters


Fabián Tablado, the man who murdered Carolina Aló with 113 stab wounds in 1996, will once again spend his days in prison. After being arrested two weeks ago for violating a perimeter restriction on two occasions, Judge Orlando Diaz accepted the request of the prosecutor who is carrying out the case and issued preventive detention for which Tablado, who is currently housed in a police station, will be transferred to a common prison.

After violating two perimeter restrictions he had with the father of Carolina Aló, his victim, and with his twin daughters, the Rincón de Milberg prosecutor, Sebastián Fitipaldi had requested this Wednesday the preventive detention to Tablado.

The femicide was arrested again two weeks ago, when it was discovered that he had walked 150 meters from the workplace of Edgardo Aló and with his own daughters, whom he could not approach either.

The prosecutor asked the judge of Guarantees 2 of San Isidro with jurisdiction in the district of Tigre, Orlando Díaz, that Tablado remain detained for two acts of “disobedience”, a crime that provides a penalty of between 15 days and one year in prison. The judge today granted the request.

The femicide has been detained since the 16th of this month at the General Pacheco police station, but if Judge Díaz, who at the time ordered his arrest, supports the prosecutor’s request, everything indicates that the defendant will receive 2021 and will spend several months of next year in a penitentiary unit.

In dialogue with Telam and after learning of the prosecutor’s request, Aló said: “I hope this jackal gets a year in jail. I think this is going to be a measure that they will have to imitate in the courts, which will remain as a precedent so that all those who violate the perimeter have the punishment that Tablado will have.

The case began when Aló denounced that on October 19, Tablado walked with his twin daughters across the Sacriste bridge, 150 meters from their place of work, the National Directorate of Migrations of Tigre. His passage was registered by one of the cameras of the Tigre Operations Center.

There Tablado is seen wearing a chinstrap, dark glasses, bermuda shorts and a blue T-shirt, crossing the bridge and walking with two girls Heading to an ice cream parlor, located on Avenida Del Libertador at 100.

The perimeter that Tablado violated had been issued by the judge of Familia 2 de Tigre, Silvia Sendra, on March 6, a week after the ex-convict regained his freedom, after spending almost 24 years in prison.

The judge imposed on Tablado the prohibition to approach within 500 meters of Aló’s home and workplace, even in his absence.

He also had another perimeter -the one that forced him to wear an electronic ankle brace- imposed by the same family judge so that he did not come within 300 meters of his ex-wife, Roxana Villarejo, whom he married in prison in 2007, then he separated and threatened to kill him, a fact that earned him a second sentence and that also included his daughters.

Therefore, when Tablado was investigated, Tigre’s Gender Violence prosecutor, Diego Callegari, charged him not only with disobedience for breaching the perimeter with Tablado, but also that of his daughters.

Board with a chinstrap, dark glasses, bermuda shorts and a blue T-shirt, with his two girls walking along the Sacriste bridge, 150 meters from his place of work by Edgardo Aló
Board with a chinstrap, dark glasses, bermuda shorts and a blue T-shirt, with his two girls walking along the Sacriste bridge, 150 meters from his place of work by Edgardo Aló

In that inquiry, Tablado He defended himself saying that they had only notified him of the private addresses of Aló and his relatives, but that he did not know what his former father-in-law’s job was. He also affirmed that he has “an excellent relationship with the girls’ mother” and that on October 19 the meeting with his daughters took place in agreement with his ex-wife and with the supervision of his mother-in-law.

He also announced that he has a new girlfriend and that in the process of rebuilding his life his plan was to stop living in the Tigre district and move with her to the Cordovan city of Bell Ville.

It should be remembered that the crime of Carolina Aló, one of the most resonant cases in Argentine criminal history, occurred on May 27, 1996 at the home of the Tablado family, at 348 Albarellos Street, in Tigre.

After having sex and arguing out of jealousy, Tablado, then 20 years old, chased his girlfriend through various rooms in the house and killed her with 113 stab wounds.

In 1998, He was sentenced to 24 years in prison for “simple homicide”, but in 2013 he added the second sentence for threatening his ex-wife and his ex-mother-in-law and was unified a single sentence of 26 years and six months, which was to be sold out by the end of 2022.

For the benefit of the repealed “2×1” Law and the courses he took in prison as an “educational stimulus”, the computation of the sentence was reduced and the sentence was terminated on February 28, when he left Unit 21 of Campana and he went to live in the same house in Tigre where he committed the femicide 24 years ago.

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