Explosion in Nashville: Police received notice of bombing in 2019

Last year the police received indications of a possible threat from the eventual Nashville bomber. The man’s then girlfriend told officials on August 21, 2019 that he was building bombs in his trailer. That comes from a police report.

Police released the document on Wednesday after several media outlets reported it.

According to the police, the officers visited the woman because she had threatened her lawyer with suicide. After the woman warned that her boyfriend was building bombs, the police drove to the suspect’s house. However, he did not open the door. The police report shows that the officers discovered the caravan in the man’s garden, but could not see inside because it was fenced. Several security cameras were also installed on the property.

Police: No evidence of crime at any point

The authority said that there was no evidence of a crime at any time, which is why no action was taken. After the operation, information about the suspect was sent to the FBI, but there was nothing against Warner.

At the weekend it was said that the 63-year-old was not known to the police as a suspect.

On Christmas Day, the man blew up his trailer in downtown Nashville and was killed in the process. The explosion caused extensive property damage and several people were injured.

If there had been no warning from the caravan to the neighbors 15 minutes before the detonation, the investigators believe that there would have been several fatalities. The motive for the act is still unclear.

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