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Explained step by step by an astronomer: how to get spectacular photos of the Moon with a mobile phone

The extraordinary fact of being able to capture the best images of the radiant Moon from a cell phone, it makes anyone think, because it is difficult to believe; however, it is possible, and a astrophotography lover He succeeded and shared some steps for anyone to do it.

The astronomer Antonio Moreno, lover of science and photography, presented a series of recommendations through his Twitter account, to be able to capture the majestic satellite of the Earth with the help of the mobile.

The researcher, with studies in MadridHe also uploaded an image accompanied by the phrase: “Do you want to take a photo like this with your mobile? I’ll tell you the details in this thread and how to get it ”.

The good news is that in addition, to capture the best moments of the great satellite you do not need to have a last generation cell phone.

A telescope is required.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
A telescope is required. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

How to get a picture of the Moon?

* The first step is to look for a telescope, since this optical instrument is required to be able to observe in detail.

* According to the scientist, then the image that comes out of the eyepiece of the telescope via mobile. To do this, you will have to purchase an adapter that fits perfectly between both objects.

The astronomer asks to adapt the mobile.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
The astronomer asks to adapt the mobile. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

* Once the mobile is adapted to the telescope, it is possible to start testing at different angles and with different magnifications. The main recommendation is that for planetary photography you should look for cameras with very small pixels.

* For the first photographs, the automatic mode can be used to focus well through the cell phone screen that will act as a monitor.

Antonio assured that, for planetary photography, cameras with very small pixels should be sought.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
Antonio assured that, for planetary photography, cameras with very small pixels should be sought. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

For those who want a video, Antonio Moreno explained that the clip can also be accessed with a motorized telescope.

Subsequently, the video will have to be passed to a free program that can be found through the internet called “PIPP”, which will be in charge of standardizing the formats and allowing some first adjustments.

Afterwards, the video images will be transferred to a stacking program such as “Registax” or “Astrosurface”.

Video can also be recorded.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
Video can also be recorded. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

On the other hand, a few days ago a little unusual astronomical event called “Worm Moon” was visualized, that is, the first full Moon that appears after the spring equinox, in addition to marking the beginning of Easter Christianity.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) explained that this year, the “worm moon” cannot be considered a “supermoon”, as it is not close enough to Earth despite being the fourth brightest in the world. anus.

And is that a supermoon is the full Moon near perigee, the closest point to the Earth in its monthly orbit “. That is, when our planet and its satellite are closer together and, in addition, it coincides with the Moon in full phase.

This phenomenon is also called the “March full moon”. While the worm nickname arises because it is the time when the ground thaws and these animals appear. Another curious fact is that the American Indians called it the Raven Moon, because it coincided with the moment when these birds say goodbye to winter and welcome the heat with their squawks.


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