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Expectations in the provinces for the start of the vaccination campaign with Sputnik V

President Alberto Fernández will meet this Saturday with the governors to coordinate the distribution of vaccines Credit: Presidency

The governors and health referents of the Argentine provinces expressed their satisfaction and expectation for the arrival in the country of the 300,000 first doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which marks the beginning of the first stage of the immunization operation that will begin next week. This Saturday, the key moment will be determined by the meeting between President Alberto Fernández and the provincial leaders who will meet to coordinate the distribution.

“Today is a historic day. Vaccines are already in our country and we have a great tool to face the pandemic “, Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof tweeted when the arrival of the Aerolineas Argentinas plane from Moscow was notified. And he added: “We have to continue taking care and being responsible, because all the effort we made shows us that it is paying off.”

Likewise, the Buenos Aires governor stressed that getting vaccinated is also “an act of solidarity.” With his expressions published through the social network Twitter, Kicillof made reference to the plan “Buenos Aires Vacunate” that will be implemented from Monday in the province of Buenos Aires.

For his part, the Minister of Health of the Province, Daniel Gollan, announced that next Monday they will begin to vaccinate health personnel from the Intensive Care Units, for which they must register and request an appointment.

From Neuquén, the governor Omar Gutierrez He expressed his expectation because “as of Monday” the first doses of the Sputnik V vaccine will arrive in his province to start the immunization campaign against the coronavirus.

Through his Twitter account, the Patagonian president indicated that “this time, they will be priority health teams, those who are facing the pandemic in intensive care, Covid hospitalization, guards, SIEN (Neuquén Integrated Emergency System) personnel, laboratories and those who manipulate PCRs “.

“Ten months ago we have been making a great effort to defeat the coronavirus. There is very little time to start the vaccination campaign and the first big step will be its application to those who are carrying out the most difficult part. Our teams from the provincial health system “, Gutiérrez concluded.

For his part, the Governor of Entre Ríos, Gustavo Bordet, stated that “the arrival of the Sputnik V vaccine opens a space of hope in the face of the pain caused by the pandemic “. In this sense, through his Twitter account, the president from Entre Ríos congratulated the President, the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, and “the entire national Cabinet for this great achievement.” “With work, union and solidarity we are going to rebuild Argentina”, Bordet stated.

From the Ministry of Health of Entre Ríos they began this week with the distribution of freezers in different cities to guarantee the refrigeration and cold chain of vaccines against coronavirus. The delivery of the first 20 units was carried out in the San Martín hospitals in Paraná; Delicia Concepción Masvernat, from Concordia; and Santa Rosa, from Villaguay, and will continue in the next few days in health care providers in other locations.

Meanwhile, the governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, He commented that the Russian vaccine brings “hope” and praised the operation coordinated by the National Executive for its distribution throughout the country, for being “democratic.”

“The vaccine is a hope and it will help to spend a few months until we have more people vaccinated. We thank the Ministry of Health of the Nation that coordinates and democratizes; once, respirators and now, vaccines “, indicated the president, for the TN channel.

In the same sense, the Minister of Government of said province expressed, Jorge Moreno, who in dialogue with Télam highlighted the “great expectation” that exists there for the arrival of the vaccine and specified that the start date of the inoculation process will be defined from the virtual meeting that the governors will maintain tomorrow with President Fernández.

“We are with great expectation and in the negotiations, waiting for them to tell us on what date the vaccination can begin, but surely It’ll be very soon”, advanced the minister for Telam.

From Río Negro, the provincial reference for Immunizations Marcela gonzalez detailed that the population sought to be vaccinated in the province is 210,000 people, but he clarified that “for the moment it will only reach emerging health personnel: therapy workers and laboratory workers who process PCR “, in line with the rest of the jurisdictions.

González said that “everything is ready” for distribution and detailed that in subsequent stages “all security personnel who provide services in the province will be included and, later, teachers and non-teachers belonging to the primary and secondary levels” . The referent explained: “It is expected to immunize, later, people from 18 to 59 years with risk factors and then, those over 65”.

“You have to bring peace of mind, there is a lot of resistance, that’s fine, but it will happen when people see that we have already started vaccinating. Much bad propaganda has been done, but these vaccines were made in a highly prestigious laboratory “, González concluded.

In Jujuy, the opposition governor, but in good harmony with Fernández, Gerardo Morales, said that the province already is found “list” and that they are awaiting the meeting with the President to finish defining the start of the vaccination schedule.

In that sense, he confirmed that the doses that will arrive during the weekend will be stored in the main field hospital in the capital of Jujuy, which already has the necessary equipment.

“The strategy of the national government was to seek agreements with as many laboratories as possible, with vaccines that completed the third phase and all have a high degree of effectiveness “, expressed the governor.

Also in the north, Salta president Gustavo Sáenz said that they have already met to coordinate the vaccination plan. “Have a effective and safe vaccine in the short term and that can be used in a population strategy it will help to reduce the number of cases and gradually restore normality to the country, “he wrote on his official Twitter, a day after the plane of the flag carrier left for Russia to look for the first doses.

In Formosa, the infectious disease doctor Julian Bibolini, confirmed that Sputnik V is scheduled to “arrive next week” in the province, affirmed that the distribution there is the responsibility of the national government and said that it will be done by land.

Bibolini, which is part of the Covid-19 Emergency Comprehensive Care Council, specified in a press conference that the priority to vaccinate will be “the personnel who are in the first line of attention to patients with coronavirus”.

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