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Expectation for a slight advantage in favor of the Inte …

“The coin is in the air”. The answer is repeated in the innermost circles of each senator where no one risks on the result of the vote in the Senate of the project of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE). So far there is a slight advantage of the “Green” sector over the “Celeste”, although the handful of “undecided” makes the result still uncertain. Meanwhile, the national government works to guarantee the votes that make the IVE law. For example, President Alberto Fernández played a media card when he affirmed, in an interview with Public TV, that what “I want is good sense, we have to solve this problem. There is a hypocritical Argentina that denies it as it denied homosexuality, marriage between people of the same sex and denied divorce. Hopefully the law will come out. ” From the opposite sidewalk, Mauricio Macri deployed his own lobby to try to distort the vote of some of his senators enrolled in the Greens and prevent the rule from being declared. The session will begin at 4:00 p.m. and is expected to last until early Wednesday morning.

In any case, the panorama changed with respect to what happened in 2018, when the Senate truncated the law. The President’s involvement in presenting and promoting the bill helped change the climate in the upper house. A situation that leads to senators who worked in favor of the IVE in 2018, now they are “cautious but hopeful”, as they stated before PageI12. According to some previous calculations, support for the law gathers 34 votes compared to 33 against. Although the celestial would drop a vote because Carlos Menem remains hospitalized. Nor will they have the vote of José Alperovich from Tucumán, on license because he is facing a complaint for “sexual abuse.” In any case, for the celestial “everything is very even”, as they told PageI12.

Among the 34 green votes is that of Silvina García Larraburu, from Rio Negro, who in 2018 was the only “celestial” within the Citizen Unit block – which was then led by Cristina Kirchner – but this time she will accompany, as she did when stamping her signature on favor of the opinion of the law. On the other hand, the Greens were surprised that the former governor of Rio Negro, Alberto Weretilneck, requested a series of modifications to the project to accompany the law. From the Frente de Todos and from the Government itself they contacted him to try to agree that some of his proposals be included in the regulation of the law and guarantee his vote.

Among the four senators who did not publicly confirm their vote, there are two from the Frente de Todos who could vote in favor in a sign of alignment with the Government: Entre Ríos Edgardo Kueider and Sergio “Oso” Leavy from Salta, who let that possibility transcend. The other two undefined are women: Lucila Crexell, from Neuquén, who abstained in 2018 and now avoided defining her vote, and Stella Maris Olalla, a radical from Entre Ríos, who also preferred silence about her position.

There was also no lack of speculation about the meaning that some green votes would have this time within the macrismo. Senator PRO Laura Rodríguez Machado, who two years ago supported the IVE project, this time refused to sign the bill. Not a few see Macri’s hand behind this decision by the Cordovan senator. The same as the position taken by the radical from Catamarca Oscar Castillo who in 2018 voted in favor, but now he is silent and could abstain.

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