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Exclusive BILD documentary – The mystery of the torture murder in Paraguay

On October 22nd, the German mammoth researcher Bernard von Bredow († 62) and his daughter Loreena († 14) were tortured and murdered in their home in Paraguay. An informant reports to BILD, introduces himself as the best friend of the victim, accompanies BILD reporter Philipp Lichterbeck to the crime scene, to the police and to the grave of the father and child. Then the informant suddenly becomes targeted: the police arrested Volker G. (58) and two other Germans. Was it you who murdered your friends?

It’s about a collection of ancient musical instruments worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Certificates are required that prove the authenticity of these instruments. And suddenly there is also a dubious will: Jimmy Paez (46), former lawyer for the shot Bernard von Bredow, is arrested as the fourth suspect. He has a will that declares him the sole heir.

Does that relieve the imprisoned Germans? BILD visits her in prison and has her view of things described to her.

BILD spoke to the suspects and the public prosecutor

The exclusive BILD documentary sheds light on the bestial act, the suspects and the background to the murder in the South American paradise.

With BILDplus you can see the detailed documentary about the mysterious double murder in Paraguay!

Part 1

Part 2

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