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Ex-Manager of the Stones – He died digging his dog’s grave

He managed many crazy music careers in his life – and has now passed away completely unexpectedly …

Santa Rosa (California) – The rock ‘n’ roll world mourns the death of longtime industry insider Mick Brigden, who managed careers and tours for the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Peter Frampton, among others.

Brigden died earlier this week as a result of an accident – under tragic circumstances. He was just about to dig the grave for the family dog ​​- and had an accident.

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The pelted earth around the hole suddenly fell into the pit and buried the 73-year-old. He could only be recovered dead.

Brigden lived briefly in New York in the 1960s, where he became the manager of the band Mountain, best known for their hit “Mississippi Queen” and their 1969 appearance in Woodstock. The music manager has also become known for his work with the guitar player Joe Satriani in the last few decades.

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